Imaginary Drugs

It's been two years since this blog has seen an update, but I wanted to get back on track with the blogging aspect of my social media. Instead of attempting to run down the projects I have been doing for the past two years, I thought I would post a few things pertaining to recent work that will be hitting shelves soon.

Imaginary Drugs is a project I was called in on by the talented and very cool to work with Michael McDermott. I did a short with him for the FUBAR free comic book day mini that came out in 2013, and when he asked me to contribute some of my short comics, I was more than happy to oblige him. After a successful Kickstarted campaign, the anthology was picked up by IDW, and will be available in stores by this fall.


Orc Book Preview: Part 3

Today I am closing the pre-orders for the Orc art book, but here is a final preview of what will be in the book...


Nightmare at Elmwood

I finished this illustration back in August for the Elmwood Park Zoo's annual Nightmare at Elmwood event, but I thought it would be best to post it for All Hallows Eve.


Orc Book Preview Part 2

I thought I would post a preview of the orc book cover and bookmark along with a few more pages. There's now one week left to pre-order!

The cover wraps around the back to the front and will have a fancy little gate fold in the front. The interior front cover will also be an extra long image.

See the previous preview BY CLICKING HERE