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Reading with Pictures

I thought I'd share a link to the "Reading With Pictures" Kickstarter site. RwP promotes reading in the classroom through comics. I have a 2 page story (done for charity) in here alongside quite a few high rollers. I suggest preordering, since most of the sales will be done in that way. I don't intend to have a large number of personal copies, and this will help to promote their sales through Diamond. So, visit Reading with Pictures on Kickstarter Preview sketch:

Adventure Time!

My piece for this collection being put together by the Autumn Society.


Because I haven't had a chance to do a personal piece this week, I thought I would upload an old sketch to keep the blog alive. It's our favorite sucka killin' alien. I really love drawing in pencil, and try to do a very detailed pencil- thing whenever I have the chance. This was drawn about a year ago while I was watching a self initiated predator marathon. Also played around with a color version. Not so amazing, but a fun exercise... Predator belongs to 20th Century Fox

Queen of Hearts

Continuing my 1 new piece/week. Ink on watercolor paper with washes... I think I may do another, less "painterly" version of this when I have the time. I feel like this got a little muddy in spots. And here's that... I like this version much better. Muddy colors make me sad :(