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The Egg

From my Microcosmics collection.  Friendship comes in all forms...

Peanut Street (Faces)

I don't want to say I may do more of these... But I may do more of these. (I've been watching a lot of kid's shows lately.)


This comic first appeared in IDW's Imaginary Drugs , but it is also part of my Microcosmics  collection available for purchase in my store.


Another one in IDW's Imaginary Drugs anthology.

Strange Kid's Club: Helheim

 For the Strange Kid's Club  Halloween issue back in 2012 ish? (I honestly can't remember...)

Sailor Moon: Happily Evar After

My lil' submission to the Sailor Moon Art Zine put together a few years back.  Had a lot of fun with this 'un...


This horrible turn for the worse appears in IDW's Imaginary Drugs  anthology.

New Format!

With the utter destruction of my tumblr, I am revamping my blog here so it contains only my short stories and mini comics (I managed to wrestle my old url back from yahoo, and it points here now).  All rough work and behind the scenes and instructional tutorials and videos will be published on my Patreon from now on, with some project process stuff in my website blog .  Just finished comics here, folks!

ORCS! the comic

I figure it's worth noting here: if you like my fantasy and Orc work, you should check out my ongoing series of shorts: ORCS!   There are stories you can read free and a book you can order through me or comixology.

We've Moved!!!

I have moved to a new website: .  Go there for new work and the usual, process and tutorial blogging...