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This spring, I was asked by the folks over at Strange Kids Club to contribute to their Halloween anthology. I wracked my brain over a short story that would involve their main character, and inspiration finally struck when I came across a sketch of Hel (the Norse goddess of the underworld) in my sketchbook. Thus the idea for "Helheim" was born. I've decided to post up some pencils and inks to wet whistles until the release of the book...enjoy :)

The Worship of Dagon

Digital file for a 2 color screen print. This is my piece for the "Dead and Dreaming" Lovecraft Show at Paradigm gallery this fall. Curated by the talented and macabre Sam Heimer . And the inks alooooonnnne... Bu-bu-but why are these inks in 2 colors? Good question! Read THIS POST for the answer.