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Tomb of Dracula on Covered

I did a piece about four weeks ago for the Covered Blog based on an old cover for Tomb of Dracula. For anyone who hasn't been by this awesome blog, Covered featured reinvisionings of old comic book covers by various artists. It's a damn neat little blog, and should definitely be frequented by comic and art lovers alike. Here's the original cover I based this off of... Here's the ink and final piece that appears on the blog... And yes, tatas have been added from the original version...because, why not?

Haunted Halloween Footage...

Coverage of the Haunted Halloween Show opening at proximity gallery. Appearances by my mug, my boyfriend's mug, many of my fellow buddies and PCS er's mugs, and featuring some damn fine artwork. Many thanks to Sam Heimer for putting together an awesome show, and also to David Diperstein for shooting and editing this. Hallowed Halloween, October 2010 from David Diperstein on Vimeo .