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Nightmare at Elmwood

I finished this illustration back in August for the Elmwood Park Zoo 's annual Nightmare at Elmwood event, but I thought it would be best to post it for All Hallows Eve.

Illustration Friday: Burst

My first ever submission for this week's Illustration Friday topic (Burst). It's a burst of happiness! :D This was a nice break in-between jobs. Medium: Ink with PS Color. Some process pics below...

Famine's Shadow

This winter I was contacted by horror writer Rachel Deering ( Anathema ) to do work on a graphic novel. That is still in the works, but in the meantime, I did a short story for a future anthology called In the Dark . Rachel wrote a great 12 page script for me, and being the fan of short stories that I am, I gladly tried my hand at it...

Phantom Hand Experiments: Old Gods & Pulp Love

In addition to working on 3 different comics at the moment (which currently must remain under wraps), I have squeezed in a few personal pieces for Phantom Hand Gallery in Philadelphia. Here are some process pics...