Tomb of Dracula on Covered

I did a piece about four weeks ago for the Covered Blog based on an old cover for Tomb of Dracula. For anyone who hasn't been by this awesome blog, Covered featured reinvisionings of old comic book covers by various artists. It's a damn neat little blog, and should definitely be frequented by comic and art lovers alike.

Here's the original cover I based this off of...

Here's the ink and final piece that appears on the blog...



And yes, tatas have been added from the original version...because, why not?


  1. Dude...awesome, absolutely awesome. You should give this as an assignment in one of your classes. If you don't, I WILL! You have truly inspired me, I will be doing that Master of Kung Fu vs. Man-Thing very soon!

  2. Thanks guys! The love is appreciated :)


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