Adventures in Screen Printing

Even though I spent the better part of my first 4 years out of college as an art monkey for a commercial screen printer, I don't think I've actually pulled a screen in about 10 years (back when I was a college do the math). In any case, I finally bit the bullet and printed a set of posters for Southwork, a band that my friend is in. Screen printing is something that I've always wanted to do but never had an excuse for, so I gave myself a reason to do it...

Fortunately, my intern, James has been screen printing recently. He helped me with a few pointers, some much needed moral support and hanging the artwork up to dry. BTW, don't ask me how I managed to get another summer intern. For some reason, these kids think I know some type of wizardry...Don't blow my secret, they work for pizza.

Speaking of hanging stuff up to dry...this is what the studio looked like. That's about 60 or so prints hanging.

I'm not neat when I do anything. I'm actually not sure how I managed to keep the edges of my prints clean. Magic, I guess.

The final product, which I will be selling at the show.

As I do more screen prints I hope to become better at them. Of the 70 I printed, only 50 are good enough to sell. Next time: less stressful registration...


  1. This is so cool, I love the whole thing, the colors, everything! Beautiful!

  2. Lovely Ms. Larsen, as always. Sweet print, digging the palette. Next art show theme "Art Monkey" thanks for the shout out. P.S. You got the goods in terms of interns this summer treat 'em nice!

  3. <3 this
    You do have some sort of wizardry. These prints are made of win. The color choice is impeccable as always.

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