Famine's Shadow

This winter I was contacted by horror writer Rachel Deering (Anathema) to do work on a graphic novel. That is still in the works, but in the meantime, I did a short story for a future anthology called In the Dark. Rachel wrote a great 12 page script for me, and being the fan of short stories that I am, I gladly tried my hand at it...

Character sketches. Famine went through a redraw. In the original script, she was supposed to be naked...but naked hunched over old ladies is a little too horror-show for me. XD

Some page layouts. I usually do these on graph paper so I can construct the panels with an underlying grid. I find this helps me to keep pages readable. I also try to get down my black reference at this stage, so I'll know where all the heavy shading will be when I ink.

I try to work out most of the drawing in the pencil stage, though I will do some final tweaking as I ink.

The fellas at South Fellini were kind enough to help me put together a video of me inking page 6. As you ca see, my inks are all done by hand (even the boarders), mostly with a brush. I used a combination of Chinese painting brushes and watercolor brushes on these pages. Sorry to anyone who isn't a Cephalic Carnage fan. I know that jazz fusion grindcore isn't a very popular genre, but it's usually what I listen to while I work.

And here's that page I was inking.

I wanted to keep a simple, limited color palette for this story. I was able to achieve some nice gradients and shading using halftones and very subtle textures.

This story will be coming out in the In the Dark andthology, published by IDW!


  1. Dang, I wish I can do webcomics just like these.

    1. This isn't for a webcomic. This story will be printed in an anthology. But I'm glad you like the pages :)


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